Tackling the most challenging waters, one industry at a time

The Markets We Serve

CarboNet™ collaborates with companies across the globe, helping lead industries from oil & gas to mining and agriculture to more effectively treat and recycle their water and to solve industry-specific problems.

Oil & Gas

Some of the industry’s biggest challenges and costs are associated with processed water. As harder-to-reach deposits require greater volumes of water needed, the recent emphasis on sustainability, and stricter regulations are placing evermore pressure to do more with less water. CarboNet™ works with E&Ps, water treatment companies, and midstream companies to help navigate the emerging issues and contaminants that they face in recycling water. Spun out of our unique chemistry platform, the CarboNet™ suite of products deliver radically better results in system efficiencies and performance, lower disposal costs, smaller volumes of sludge produced, less-costly costly disposal and smaller chemical footprint and reliance on freshwater.

Product Applications:

  • Produced water reuse
  • Sludge reduction
  • Oil removal
  • Disposal


The extensive use of polyacrylamides (PAM) for ore removal and processing has long been a mainstay, removing the most amount of material from the ore as possible, and for wastewater treatment. But the steady increase in costs, both financial and environmental, are not sustainable. Customers who have adopted  the CarboNet™ technology have seen dramatic improvements in performance in their existing PAM usage, while delivering better results than traditional commodity chemicals for sulphate removal, life softening, acid drainage and mine flooding. We can also help with reducing volumes of waste sludge for easier and less-costly disposal, improving efficiency of the dewatering process and managing your discharge limits for sulphates.

Product Applications:

  • Scale reduction
  • Solution mining
  • Metals removal

Industrial Wastewater

Effectively managing and treating water within industrial systems can take a toll on equipment. Additionally, meeting environmental regulations and disposal requirements is often a hurdle. Our suite of coagulants and flocculants can improve the performance of your system to effectively and safely meet discharge regulations, all at lower costs than conventional options. The novel approach CarboNet™ utilizes also delivers unmatched efficacy, optimizing your wastewater treatment process to use fewer chemicals, reducing amounts of waste sludge, easing disposal, and eliminating need for additional infrastructure.

Product Applications:

  • Sludge dewatering
  • Water clarification

Our Products

Unlike conventional water treatment chemicals, technology by CarboNet™ can net contaminants for easy and inexpensive removal. Explore the suite of chemicals that’s transforming the way water is treated.