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Liters of freshwater saved by enabling industrial water treatment and recycling


Number of olympic sized swimming pools of water treated


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Proudly Unconventional

CarboNet is a clean tech company creating a new class of chemistry that radically transforms how chemicals are developed, used, and impact our planet. Our innovative solutions allow clients across industries to recycle more, dispose less, and minimize hazardous chemicals, while creating a quantifiably positive effect on the environment that we all share.

About Us

Making An Impact At Scale

Today, CarboNet collaborates with companies across the globe, helping lead industries from oil & gas to mining and agriculture to more effectively treat and recycle their water and to solve industry-specific problems.

A Groundbreaking Idea

Unconventional thinking led us to creating chemicals that are a quantum leap in both efficacy and safety over their industry-standard counterparts. By utilizing drug delivery polymers in a unique formulation, we designed a broad suite of products to target specific constituents in wastewater that are historically difficult and costly to remove.